October 06, 2011

Super drug giveaway

Turns out it was worth paying a couple of quid for the taxi down to super-drug in town as we ended up coming home with a fair amount of goodies as you can see.. Admittedly some of it wont be used as i'm neither a bronze or barbie pink lip gloss girl but ho-hum ive got my self 3 new foundations which match perfectly. RESULT!!


  1. I love the new look! it's a shame you cant see more of the background...its's so cool!

  2. meg, i was wondering what the pink lipgloss is in this picture? i'm after a new one so a bit of info on that would be great?
    thanks love,

  3. Its the Maybelline new york water shine gloss in "cutie pie" - its looks quite pink in the tube however comes out a very pale see through pink which is quite pearlesent & shiny.It smells quite fruity :) however it dosnt taste amazing & dosnt stay on for very long!! Hope this helps :) x