May 16, 2012

Hi guys!!! sorry i havnt made a blog post in what seems like forever now, iv just been caught up in end of uni stuff and settleing back into life back at home in suffolk..

Ive been doing a little shopping, in store and online. Whilst alot of my buys arnt too interesting i thought id share a few now and probably a few more later :)

Firstly i bought two new pairs of jeans both very simple basic pairs from h&m. Each pair cost only £19.99 and their very comfortable because of the amount of stretch they have. I would definatly recomend these to anyone who wants skiny jeans to fit snuggly and confortably around all your curves..

secndly a pair of vintage blue denim knicker shorts from topshop. They were a little more pricy around £34 however i figured they would last ad look good even with age. They are high waisted and button up at the front however because of the cover on the buttons the front tends to buldge making you look as though you have a tummy, so definatly wear with a long top in my opinion.

Next was an item of which i bought of ebay, i cant remeber exactly howw much it cost me but it wouldnt have been ay more than £8. I dont recognise the label in the back so i asume its a rather old brand. Made froma off white crepe material its thick enough to wear alone without it being see through which is nice. It has gold domed buttons which button right up to the neck of the top. what drew me to the top was the elegant styling of the embroidery around the shoulders. Worn with black skkinny jeans, black wedges and a classic black tote i think its a vintage elegant look for an evening out.

Finally this is just a simple sheer white cotton beach dress of which i bought from topshop, costing £20 i think this is definaly a buy for summer. Beach ready :)

Thanks, and keep well poppets xoxo

March 02, 2012

My summer wishlist..

I made my first post similar to this one just before christmas when the new winter collections of clothes came out. Now its spring/summer and the clothes are lightening up once again i thought i do the same again :)

I think this summers going to be a good one, really loving the preppy, seaside look and the soft pastel shades... All right up my street.

If you like the look of anything and would like the link to it please just ask and ill post them up for you!! 

Enjoy xoxo

February 27, 2012

Home comforts.

Only another 5 more weeks until my first year of university is finished!!

Being a typical homesick student living away from home, little things comfort me. One thing of which never fails to comfort me is this song in which my brother dedicated to me at a gig just before i left...
I might just be bias but i think hes an amazing talent so please listen and support him by spreading the word and subscribe to his youtube channel. Hope you enjoy it poppets.

February 26, 2012

Youtube video blog.. My first!

Hopefully the first of many more videos to come, the others shall be more interesting i hope!! Enjoy xoxo 

January 07, 2012

Last days of Suffolk

In my last few days before heading back to Scotland ive cirtainly been trying to make the most of my surroundings, soaking up every element to last my memory the next 4 months before im home again in May.. 

These are a collection of the views from of my favourite walk of which i done most days with my wee pup over summer. This was definatly somehting we wanted to do again before i went so CHECK, done & enjoy :) 

Christmas day.

Christmas day 2011...

My family is no different to many others, the two halves which make my family gather together to spend a few days together whilst enjoying our days off work and celebrating both christmas and the coming of the new year.  
Ill later be doing a blog post of the various christmas presents i got however just for now ill cover whats shown in the pictures... Dress, F&F @ tesco, on sale for £10 :) BARGIN. Belt, asos.  Earrings, topshop. Paired with on the day tan tights white lace ankle socks and a pair of tan t-bar wedges..

Hope every had a good christmas & a happy new year poppets :) 

January 04, 2012

Suffolk bumpkin.


Ive found out, the hard way that you only miss things in life once theyve gone. In my case ive found out how much i love the place in which i grew up in, flat land, family & friends just a few of the many things that makes suffolk my home. Throughout my weeks home ive cirtainly been making the most of my beautiful surroundings documenting everything in photos to take back with me. These ones in particular are from the days in which ive spent out with my dad on local shoots, something of which are important to my dad. I might have moved to a different country but living in Suffolk & living in the country side will always be a huge part of me. Born and bred a proper country bumpkin. 

November 03, 2011

Boredom comes in all forms.

Just a general OOTD to cure the jitters of "post coursework hand in nerves"... 

1. Grey cardigan - Topshop
2. Leg warmers, fingerless gloves & black skirt -H&M
3. Maroon tunic, red earings & plaited waist belt - ASOS
4. Boots - River island
5. Satchel - Primark 
6. Scarf - Small boutique in Melrose, Scotland.

October 28, 2011

"Imperfection is beauty"

I found a load of photos whilst trolling through my computer of which i took last summer when VERY bored.. I tried finding quite ugly things and making them look beautiful & visa versa with pretty things..

Back home i have painted onto my wall a quote by Marylin Monroe - "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring". This fits even with the flowers which we know look pretty as they have certain qualities which make them a little more ugly like the vein like shadow in an orchid petal. As for the others theyre quite nasty. Well a sack of onions will never be looked at as beautiful ever again .. 

October 26, 2011

OOTD & my new shoes :)

I've been looking for some new winter shoes for ages & although i realize they aren't  exactly winter shoes (so the hunt is still on) I found these ones and fell in love. PLUS their so comfy :) complete bonus..

Shoes - Primark (with changed laces) 
Skirt - H&M
Plaited belt & Locket - Topshop
Chiffon pussy bow blouse - F&F @ tesco
Blazer, Watch & gold rings - ASOS 
Scarf -Small scottish boutique (Forgotten the name, forgive me :/) 
Amber ring - Spangle