January 07, 2012

Last days of Suffolk

In my last few days before heading back to Scotland ive cirtainly been trying to make the most of my surroundings, soaking up every element to last my memory the next 4 months before im home again in May.. 

These are a collection of the views from of my favourite walk of which i done most days with my wee pup over summer. This was definatly somehting we wanted to do again before i went so CHECK, done & enjoy :) 

Christmas day.

Christmas day 2011...

My family is no different to many others, the two halves which make my family gather together to spend a few days together whilst enjoying our days off work and celebrating both christmas and the coming of the new year.  
Ill later be doing a blog post of the various christmas presents i got however just for now ill cover whats shown in the pictures... Dress, F&F @ tesco, on sale for £10 :) BARGIN. Belt, asos.  Earrings, topshop. Paired with on the day tan tights white lace ankle socks and a pair of tan t-bar wedges..

Hope every had a good christmas & a happy new year poppets :) 

January 04, 2012

Suffolk bumpkin.


Ive found out, the hard way that you only miss things in life once theyve gone. In my case ive found out how much i love the place in which i grew up in, flat land, family & friends just a few of the many things that makes suffolk my home. Throughout my weeks home ive cirtainly been making the most of my beautiful surroundings documenting everything in photos to take back with me. These ones in particular are from the days in which ive spent out with my dad on local shoots, something of which are important to my dad. I might have moved to a different country but living in Suffolk & living in the country side will always be a huge part of me. Born and bred a proper country bumpkin.