November 03, 2011

Boredom comes in all forms.

Just a general OOTD to cure the jitters of "post coursework hand in nerves"... 

1. Grey cardigan - Topshop
2. Leg warmers, fingerless gloves & black skirt -H&M
3. Maroon tunic, red earings & plaited waist belt - ASOS
4. Boots - River island
5. Satchel - Primark 
6. Scarf - Small boutique in Melrose, Scotland.

October 28, 2011

"Imperfection is beauty"

I found a load of photos whilst trolling through my computer of which i took last summer when VERY bored.. I tried finding quite ugly things and making them look beautiful & visa versa with pretty things..

Back home i have painted onto my wall a quote by Marylin Monroe - "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring". This fits even with the flowers which we know look pretty as they have certain qualities which make them a little more ugly like the vein like shadow in an orchid petal. As for the others theyre quite nasty. Well a sack of onions will never be looked at as beautiful ever again .. 

October 26, 2011

OOTD & my new shoes :)

I've been looking for some new winter shoes for ages & although i realize they aren't  exactly winter shoes (so the hunt is still on) I found these ones and fell in love. PLUS their so comfy :) complete bonus..

Shoes - Primark (with changed laces) 
Skirt - H&M
Plaited belt & Locket - Topshop
Chiffon pussy bow blouse - F&F @ tesco
Blazer, Watch & gold rings - ASOS 
Scarf -Small scottish boutique (Forgotten the name, forgive me :/) 
Amber ring - Spangle

October 18, 2011

Patriotism for the wrong country.

A little bit of patriotism on my nails looks pretty, even if it inst for my country ho hum. 

October 09, 2011

A sucker for jewels.

Not only two blogs in one day but two "online browsing/dreaming" blogs.. This can only mean one thing, its Sunday in Gala.
So heres a quick spread of some of my old time favorite jewellery brands & my favourite pieces at the moment. Some are mens but ho hum i normally go with it anyway :) 

 ASOS, Disney couture, Tom BinnsJacey Withers, Calourette, Disaya & Pyrrha.

The "if i wasn't a student" wishlist.

I first saw another blogger do this post & i couldn't resist doing it myself too :) So heres my list of items im dreaming of... Enjoy. 

1. Asos bitten leather platform t-bar high sandals, in beige rather than the black shown. Saw these babies a while ago and have had my eye on them ever since. .

2. Topshop mink coloured crepe dress. 

3.Asos origami high heel sandals.  

4.Asos faux fur bear ears hat.

5.River island light brown faux fur ankle boots.

6. River island blue check teddy make up bag. So cutttte.

8. Irregular choice tweed wedge boots. They might looks a little like hooves but frankly i dont care. I saw these shoes aggges ago however with the price tag i cant justify them unfortunatly. Nonetheless ive included them just for a little eye candy :) 

10. Vero Moda navajo pattern long sleeve dress. 

& finally 

11. River island tobacco brown quilted jacket. 

October 06, 2011

New hair colour :) just to blend in with Scotland a tad more.

Just a quick one to update my blog. Long story short decided that the strawberry blonde/ginger colour i was previously wasn't quite ginger enough for Scotland. So to add a bit of boom to my hair i dyed small sections red and ginger to accentuate the original colour. However don't worry too much, im sitting in the sun which is making it glow a little :)  

Super drug giveaway

Turns out it was worth paying a couple of quid for the taxi down to super-drug in town as we ended up coming home with a fair amount of goodies as you can see.. Admittedly some of it wont be used as i'm neither a bronze or barbie pink lip gloss girl but ho-hum ive got my self 3 new foundations which match perfectly. RESULT!!

October 05, 2011

Yet more nails...

As always the prospect of bland, boring nails bored the life out of me. lets spice things up a little :) 

October 03, 2011

Creativity and its consequences. & a sorry to my mother..

Once moving out and into my own room at university I've finally realized just how messy my "projects" can be. Lets just say acrylic paint doesn't come out of carpets, bummer.
Just as good the final product made my room a little more homely and frankly. Pretty.


Yet again more F.D antics.

& to think i travelled 500 odd miles only to continue dressing up not only myself but now also other people as stupid things. Spider man, great one...

"You've got your head in the clouds"

Thank you to Ailsa and her family for a stunning weekend up near Glasgow.

 Never have i seen a mountain before let alone a whole car journey full of them. I could begin to like Scotland if it can look as pretty as this all year round just PLEASE don't get tooo stupidly cold for my first winter ? :)

Exciting stuff.

Beginning uni was amazing frantic but having our first teasing glimpse of the kind of work we will get to do is even better. I say bring on more quarter scale pattern cutting lessons.

Chaotic fancy dress antics.

Put a group of excitable, creative fashion students into one room, add alcohol, energy drink & cupcake high levels of sugar and the result was never going to be a quite one. Apparently my new friends and i don't like being told to dress in burlesque so take it into our hands to dress as the polar opposite,pirates. I believe we look the part :)

A lesson in cookery.

Which occasion exactly doesn't deserve cake? I call a 19th birthday is a pretty good one so late as it is, happy birthday poppet :)

September 13, 2011

& for my first post, the thing people know me for most. My random, time consuming nails :)